A Day in our 
Inpatient Departments

All text and images by Dharma Raj Kadayat


Seven year old Anupam took a five hour long jeep drive to reach Bayalpaya Hospital from Ramaroshan. His father brought him to treat his fever and breathing difficulties. He is diagnosed with Pneumonia and admitted in the hospital for three days to treat Pneumonia. His father says, “I am very happy seeing my son getting well. We will be discharged very soon.”

Twenty-two year old  Dhana had fallen from the hill while cutting grass and fractured her right leg. She took a six hour long jeep ride to reach Bayalpata hospital. She had swollen leg and waited for five days for swelling to reduce and get the surgery. The fracture in her leg was fixed with an open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) surgery procedure. Dhana shares, “I was very worried if I would get treatment here. I was relieved when the doctor assured me that I would be fine.”

Radhika was very happy when she gave birth to a little boy Balaram at Charikot hospital. After a normal delivery she was discharged from the hospital. However after 21 days of delivery, the baby was had problems in breathing.  So she brought him to Charikot hospital taking half and hour long jeep ride.  The baby has been admitted since three days. She shares, “I was worried that my baby was not healthy since he is just 21 days. After treating him here, he is slowly getting better.”

Thirty-two year Surendra took a five hour long bus to reach Bayalpata hospital from Bajura.  He had been suffering from severe headaches and dizziness for about six months. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure and had to take medication. Now his blood pressure is under control and is happy with the treatment. He shared, “Without my wife’s support, it would’ve been very difficult for me to recovery so quickly.”

Sixty-five year old Dal received successful hernia repair surgery. He had been suffering from abdominal pain since four years. The pain was on and off and he thought it would go away. When it got too painful to tolerate last week, he took an hour long jeep drive to reach Charikot hospital. Now his condition is getting better and he is no longer at risk of intestine obstruction after the surgery. After a full recovery, he will be able to go back to his home. Dal’s wife shares, “I am very happy that the surgery is successful and I could treat him from a hospital in my community.”

Sujan had been suffering from high fever. His mother brought him at Bayalpata hospital taking five hours jeep ride from Bajura. He was diagnosed with Typhoid and admitted for five days in the hospital. Sujan is getting medication under the observation of nurses. He is happy that he is feeling better and can start playing again.

It’s been a week since 32 year old Shyam suffered from high fever and breathing difficulties. He took an hour long jeep to reach Charikot hospital. Shyam has been diagnosed with Pneumonia and has been under treatment at the hospital for four days now. He is taking antibiotics at regular time intervals. He shares, “When I go back home, I will take care of myself with taking plenty of fluids and washing my hands regularly, especially after I go to the bathroom and before I eat.”

Fifty year old Ram  was returning from his field work when he stumbled  on a stone and fractured his left leg.   His son-in-law immediately brought him to Charikot hospital  taking  five hours long jeep ride from his village in Sailung. Prior to his surgery, Ram had high blood pressure so he was given medication to bring it under control. After that he underwent Open Reduction Internal Fixation surgery. Post surgery, he is getting better. Ram’s  son-in-law shares, “We were hoping the surgery would be successful and we’re so happy that he will get better.”

Four month old Anus had been suffering from high fever and diarrhea. His parents took one and half hour drive to reach Bayalpata hospital. He has been admitted for four days and is undergoing treatment. His mother says, “We were worried about Anus since he is just four months old and has high fever. Now, his fever and diarrhea is under control. We are so thankful to the nurses who took care of my son.”

Twenty-seven year old Sidhartha was brought to the hospital immediately after she went into labor pain. After two hours long drive, she finally reached Charikot hospital. As soon as she reached the entrance  of the hospital she delivered the baby on the floor. The medical team rushed with equipment and curtains to ensure the baby and mother were safe while giving them adequate privacy in the open space. Both the mother and baby are in good health and will be returning home soon.

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