What do you mean by integrated care?

We define integrated healthcare as care that cuts across multiple services and settings. For example, our mental health care approach begins with diagnosis by a staff physician, one-on-one counseling with a psychosocial counselor and is reinforced at the community level, with CHWs following up with patients around medication adherence. The care from hospital to home is coordinated using digital technology.


How are you unique from other healthcare organizations?

  • Our Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the first of its kind to be implemented in Nepal.
  • We have pioneered new approaches to improving maternal and child survival and health through trained and supervised Community Health Workers (CHWs).
  • We have developed Nepal’s first comprehensive chronic disease and mental health protocols for longitudinal care delivery.


Do you work globally?

Our implementation is strictly in Nepal. Since 2008, we have used our data, research, and experience as a healthcare provider to build, design, and test solutions that improve health outcomes on the ground, first in Achham and then in Dolakha. Our long term goal is to scale the tested interventions through government adoption and dissemination.  We also work with global institutions to share our evidence and advance global health practices.


Do you charge to patients for care?

No. Data from around the world makes it clear that charging for healthcare via a fee for service at the point of care actually leads to bad outcomes. We provide quality care that does not collect fees at the point of service.


How are you funded?

We are funded through a combination of philanthropy, multilateral and individual donors, and a performance-based contract with the government. Other revenue opportunities include health insurance.


Do your facilities accept insurance?

Yes, our facilities accept the National Health Insurance of the government of Nepal. This covers the care up to NRs 100,000 as per the regulation of the health insurance board.


Do you take volunteers?

We are not offering any volunteer positions at this time. It’s important for us to focus all of our resources on our local and full-time team members.