Since our founding, we have approached research as a vehicle to iterate our program design, to improve quality of care delivery, and to assess impact on overall patient outcomes.

We design and implement protocols through rigorous collaboration between staff at multiple sites of care, including facility, community health, and Electronic Health Record teams.

In most of our research, we use stepped wedge, non-randomized design with patient-focused outcomes. We collect prospective longitudinal cohort data status using digital platform both at facility and community level for measuring patients’ management control status. We use mixed methods (quantitative plus qualitative) implementation research to understand implementation process, causality, and scalability in a feasible, iterative, and ethical way.

Our ultimate goal is to support evidence-based decision making culture within the organization. We also engage with government and relevant stakeholders to advocate for government adoption of our practices, and to inform policy and strategies, both at local and global level.

Our Impact
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